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Conyers, GA

Taco De La Calle Special


Three authentic street tacos with your choice flour or corn tortilla and your choice of meat. *Carne Asada (Ribeye), Pollo Asada (Grilled Chicken), Al Pastor (marinated pork), Chorizo, 
Carnitas (Slow-roasted pork) ***All must be the same meat***
Grilled with diced onions and tomatoes.
Served with rice and refried beans, and includes a side of cilantro and chopped onions.

Choose a Tortilla (Choose 1):Flour Tortilla Corn Torilla
Meat Choices (Choose 1):Al Pastor (Marinated Pork) Carne Asada (Grilled Ribeye) Pollo Asada (Grilled Chicken) Carnitas (Slow-roasted pork) Grilled Shrimp +1Grilled Fish +1
Optional (Some Popular Add-Ons):Mexican Rice +1.70French Fries +1.50Pico de Gallo +1.50Pepsi +1.99Diet Pepsi +1.99Mountain Dew +1.99Sierra Mist +1.99Tropicana Fruit Punch +1.99Tropicana Lemonade +1.99Crush Orange +1.99Schweppes Ginger Ale +1.99Mug Rootbeer +1.99Dr. Pepper +1.99Sweet Tea +1.99Unsweet Tea +1.99

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